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Tina Hecksher, Niels Boye Olsen, and Jeppe C. Dyre
Communication: Direct tests of single-parameter aging
, Supplementary material
Journal of Chemical Physics, 142:241103, 2015.


The dataset contains the following parts/files:

Readme file


DC704 mechanical resonance at 207.0K

PPE imag(eps) at 242.0K

DC704 real(eps) at 208.5K

TPG freq beta max at 183.0K

DBP imag(eps) at 176.0K (from Supplementary material)

DEP imag(eps) at 183.0K (from Supplementary material)

EPOXY imag(eps) at 188.0K (from Supplementary material)

TPP mechanical resonance at 198.3K (from Supplementary material)

TPP imag(eps) at 200.0K (from Supplementary material)

Glass and Time