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Data originally presented in:
K. Niss and B. Jakobsen, Master thesis in physics, Department of Mathematics and Physics (IMFUFA), Roskilde University, 2003.

Later published in:
B. Jakobsen, K. Niss, and N.B. Olsen. Dielectric and shear mechanical alpha and beta relaxations in seven glass-forming liquids. Journal of Chemical Physics, 123:234511, 2005.


The dataset contains the following parts/files:

ReadMe file (includes copyright notion, and details on files)


DC704 shear modulus

DC704 dielectric constant

DHIQ shear modulus

DHIQ dielectric constant

PB20 shear modulus

PB20 dielectric constant

PPE shear modulus

PPE dielectric constant

Squalane shear modulus

Squalane dielectric constant

TPE shear modulus

TPE dielectric constant

TPG shear modulus

TPG dielectric constant

Glass and Time