Søminestationen (Holbæk, Denmark) May 9-11, 2003.

Friday May 9:
Chair: Claus Behrens.
12.00-13.00: Lunch.  
13.00-13.30: Sergei Nemilov: Superslow structural relaxation in silicate glasses at room temperature.  
13.30-14.00: Discussion.  
14.00-14.30: Yuanzheng Yue: Relationship between fragility and iso-structural activation energy of glass-forming melts.  
14.30-15.00: Discussion.  
15.00-15.30: Break.  
15.30-16.00: Christiane Alba-Simionesco: What is the main control parameter of the dynamics of polymers at the approach of the glass transition?  
16.00-16.30: Discussion.  
16.30-17.00: Niels Boye Olsen: What controls the relaxation rate in viscous liquids?  
17.00-17.30: Discussion.  
17.30-18.00: Andrew Granato: The interstitialcy model of liquids and glasses and the Vogel- Fulcher-Tammann relation.  
18.00-18.30: Discussion.  
18.30-20.30: Dinner.  
20.30-21.00: Kia Ngai: Evolution of dynamics from the fast caged relaxation to the intermediate Johari-Goldstein relaxation and the terminal alpha relaxation.  
21.00-21.30: Discussion.  
Saturday May 10:
Chair: Roland Böhmer.
8.00-9.00: Breakfast.  
9.00-9.30: Uli Buchenau: Breakdown of the shear modulus at the glass transition.  
9.30-10.00: Discussion.  
10.00-10.30: Kristine Niss and Bo Jakobsen: Dielectric and shear-mechanical relaxation in viscous liquids: Are they connected?  




Jeppe Dyre: Alpha and beta relaxations in viscous liquids: Attempt to arrive at an overall picture.  
11.30-12.00: Discussion.      
12.00-14.00: Lunch.  
14.00-14.30: Gregor Diezemann: Heterogeneous dynamics in simple spin models.  
14.30-15.00: Discussion.  
15.00-15.30: Sergei Baranovski: Electron glass.  
15.30-16.00: Discussion.  
16.00-17.00: Break.  
17.00-17.30: Niels Ellegaard: The dynamic Prigogine-Defay ratio.  
17.30-18.00: Discussion  
18.00-18.30: Tage Christensen: The Prigogine-Defay ratio in energy bond models  
18.30-19.00: Discussion.  
19.00-21.00: Dinner.  
21.00: After-dinner talks:
Austen Angell: Glass research in USA before 1970 - personal perspective.
Sergei Nemilov: Glass research in USSR before 1970 - personal perspective.
Sunday May 11:
Chair: Tage Christensen.
8.00-9.00: Breakfast  


Austen Angell: Boson peaks and their connection to excitations in liquids.

9.30-10.00: Discussion.  
10.00-10.30: Ernst Rössler: Nearly constant loss behavior in organic glasses and its precursor in the supercooled liquid.  
10.30-11.00: Discussion.  
11.00-11.30: Aude Cailliaux: Neutron scattering study of the Boson peak of Polybutadiene and Polyisobutylene under high pressure.  
11.30-12.00: Discussion.  
12.00: End of meeting.